Astrosage kundali Astrology App In your Android Mobile

AstroSage kundali app is purely based on Indian Astrology and it is the number 1 kundali software. Once you downloaded and installed this app, you can get free horoscope, horoscope matching, kundali, Rashifal, Hindu calendar (Panchang) etc. with the help of this app, people can easily find their jadhagam, rashifal and so on.
    By using this application, you can easily find the horoscope matching astrology, your personal life predictions, daily horoscope and so on., hence you need not to search for a good astrologer. This minimizes your waste of time. Users of this application should have proper internet connection.
Important Features:
  • This application consists of so many categories. Such as, kundli, matching, horoscope, predictions, panchang, KP System, Lal kitab, Varshapal, porutham and so on.
  • It specifies the traditional features of our vedic astrology.
  • You can download PDF to print Kundali.
  • Get daily horoscope, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes.
  • Predictions of your personal life is also possible. Such as, Life predictions, Mangal Dosha, Debts, Lal Kitab Remedies, Shani sade sati etc.
  • It is a user friendly interface and it has flipping screens and hence it is easy for navigating from one screnn to other.
  • You can get shodasavarga which is meant by 16 divisional charts.
  • KP Systems specifies the ruling planets, KP Ayanamsa, Nakshatra nadi coordinates and Sub-Sub positions etc.
  • Daily Panchang , hora, Rahu kaal, Muhurat, Do Ghati Muhurat (Abhijit Muhurat, Vijay Muhurat ) are also be included.
  • Dasha such as Vimshottari Dasha/ Udu Dasha upto 5 levels and yogini Dasha are included.
  • Kundali Matching can be made for horoscopes. (Ashtakoota Guna Milap or 36 points Match)
  • Finding latitude and longitude is supported by Google Maps.
  • Horoscopes are calendar for the year 2017 are displayed.
  • This application also includes Moon sign calculator, sun sign calculator, love compatibility calculator etc.
  • If you want then you can get daily/ monthly/ yearly rashifal 2017.
  • Prashna kundali (Horary Charts) & time charts are supported by GPS.
  • Users can learn astrology. They can watch text and video tutorial related to astrology and they can gain their knowledge in astrology field.
  • DST (Daylight Saving Time) can be automatically corrected in this application.
  • AstroSage has the capability to store thousands of horoscopes and they viewed at a time.
  • This app supports Tamil, English, Hindi and Bengali languages. Hence it is very easy for the users to understand.
  • Users can choose the type of chart/ in which style data should be displayed. It consists of both North Indian chart style and South Indian Chart style.
  • Charts are displayed as colored chart and it is very easy and clear to understand.
  • Chart saved on Astrosage can be opened through
  • You have a choice of choosing Lahiri (Chitrapaksha), KP,Sayan ayanamsa and Raman.
  • Chart rotation is also possible. That is, you can click a house in the north Indian chart and it will show a new chart with that house as ascendant.
  • You can find Jaimini Astrology here.
  • Tajik varshfal is available.
  • You can double touch on chart to show planet degrees on your chart.
  • Lal Kitab is an important feature available in this app. It consists of chart, varshfal,kundali type like dharma teva, andha teva  etc., prediction for planet in each house and so on.

AstroSage kundali is the best app forever which includes Indian Astrology , Vedic Astrology, and Hindu Astrology. So let us make use of it and gain a clear knowledge about astrology.

The Miracle Of Tamil Trending Memes App

This is an excellent application which is useful for meme creators. Generally, Memes is nothing but an image/ video/ piece of text etc., typically humorous in nature. They are copied and spread rapidly by internet users. Most important thing to be noted is the internet connection. Users of this application should have 3G/4G network connection.

                Nowadays, memes are created for each and everything that happens in our society. These kinds of messages are virally spread with the help of social media such as whatsapp/ facebook/ twitter etc. By using this app, you can create a new meme or forward the latest trending meme which are all from Tamil movies.  
Get started with this app:
                You can download and install this app from Google play store. On opening this app, it consists of two important tabs:
1)      Trending :
Under this tab, it displays the latest trending memes with the images of Tamil movies which are already created by various users. These memes can be shared directly from the app to our friends using facebook or whatsapp or twitter etc. / you can download and save this meme.
2)      Templates:
This tab consists of 5 categories with different templates for creating a new meme. The 5 categories are:Tamil movie images based on 5 actors (vadivelu, santhanam, Goundamani & Senthil, vivek, and others). You can select your desired option and then choose an image.               
After choosing the image, you can create it as new meme/ share/ download & save. For creating a new meme, users have to choose create meme option and it automatically prompts for 3 buttons such as
                “ Add text” , it is used for writing any comments regarding the image displayed in the template. You can change the size, style, background, outline of the entered text. Now you can place the text where ever you want to place it inside the image. Then you can save that to gallery/ directly share to your friends/ family by using social media.
                “Logo”, it is an option for displaying any image. Image can be chosen from gallery.
                “Save”, is used for saving the created meme. It can be forwarded to your friends later.
·         Free Tamil movie templates which are exclusively designed for meme creators.
·         Free Tamil movie memes are available as it is ready to share with your friends in the trending section. It is very easy to use.
·         Trending memes are daily uploaded from facebook/ twitter etc.
·         New Tamil movie memes are daily uploaded from Facebook/ twitter etc.
·         If there are new memes are uploaded in your app, then notifications will be displayed.
·         There are no watermarks available in the templates, which is easy for creating new memes.
·         New memes can also be created with the images on your gallery.
·         Meme creators can customize their text by changing their desired color/ font style/ size/ background etc. while creating a new meme.
·         When you are in online, then Loading Tamil movie memes and templates in this application works faster.

By using this application, you can create various humorous memes for entertainment purpose but not for hurting others.

India’s most loved Learning App

Byju’s App is the India’s most loved Learning App. Currently, 7 million children are learning it. This app is exclusively designed for students whose mind never give space to take book and read but they want to score high marks in their exams.
    Children can easily understand their syllabus, which are in the form of videos ad pictures more than the texts and descriptions. It is an E-learning app and hence students can learn their syllabus anywhere and at any time.
Get Started with Byju’s App:
You can download and install this educational app from Google play store. It is an open source. More than 7 million downloads. So now you can learn your syllabus at anywhere and at any time.
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Benefits of Byju’s App:
  • Syllabus (State/CBSE/ICSE) from class 6 -12 are covered.
  • Highly interactive method of teaching which gives better understanding for students.
  • Preparation for IIT-JEE , AIPMT and CAT exams are very easy.
  • School lessons are now available on your smart phones/ tablets.
  • Mainly designed for  students to “Fall in love with learning”.
  • 24/7 support from faculties for clearing student’s doubts.

Key features:
  1. Syllabus includes state level, CBSE, and ICSE for the 7th, 8th, 9th an d 10th standards are get covered. That is, complete syllabus coverage. They also include complete preparation for AIPMT and IIT-JEE exams.
  2. Complete test series and 20 full length mock test are also available for CAT aspirants.
  3. Interactive video lessons are designed by faculties, so that students can fall in love with learning.
  4. Visualizing concept will be easy to understand for students when comparing to the syllabus in text and descriptions.
  5. Chapter wise test for class 7- 12.
  6. Mock test available for IIT JEE and AIPMT .
  7. Guides are there to get your doubts cleared. India’s best faculties from leading institutions like IIT, IIM will help you in clearing IIT JEE exams.
  8. Adaptive learning modules are designed to cater each student’s personal learning needs.
  9. You can have a detailed analysis of your progress and performance. This helps you to improve your score in examinations.
  10. Several interactive videos based on their syllabus are available for students, in order to make them clear and better understanding of each and every subject.
Nowadays, Education sector has also become technology oriented. This is the best E-Learning app which brings you better understanding about your syllabus. So come on students, let us make use of this educational app and achieve great heights.

Making alert alarm when unknown person using mobile

Now we are going to read this article about the security of our mobile. To protect our phone from the stealing or opening our privacy without our knowledge we can use this trick. Yes today we are going to introduce an amazing application which has alarm notification when  the using of anyone unknown person.

This security application is a very useful application to all kind of peoples. When anyone is travel in bus or train the strangers may take the phone, this app act swiftly and raise the loud alarm. So  that we can understand that someone is trying to steal our phone. This app prevents our phone from the misusing of our family members. If anyone taking our phone without our permission the phone will get caught red handed  with loud alarm. Really it is possible only through sensor technology. Let's see the method of using.
How to get alarm notification

We can Get this security alarm raising app from play store.

After the completion of the installation process, start the app in our phone. Then we have to configure some settings. After that only we can use this app.

Then we must a password or pattern lock to stop the alarm. So the person who was the owner of the phone only can stop the alarm while the phone gets moved.

In this app many useful settings are available. We can control the app like sensor, alarm tone, and alarm period.Thieves beware of this app.


1) An app notification is displayed to the user when charger is connected.
2) It makes the phone useless to the thief even if he restarts the phone.
3) Password Protection(Pattern/PIN)
4) Loud alarm even if the phone is in silent mode
5) Choice of alarm sounds
6) Phone vibrates and screen flashes similar to police lights when the alarm is triggered

We can purchase this app from the following link for 2 dollar.

Get Here

It is the best app highly recommended for the persons who are always travelling through buses and trains. This app can protect our phone from thief as well as the misusing of unknown persons.

How to communicate through messages without network connection or Wi-Fi

We happily introduce an excellent communicate application for android and iPhone named Firechat. We can use this app without any kind of network connectivity.

We can use this application  when we face critical situations like there is no network connectivity such as mobile data or Wi-Fi. Firechat app is developed by American developers with  "mesh networking" technology. We can use this technology in our smartphones without network connectivity.

If all the network was jammed or if the networks was stuck in a place, we can use Firechat app to send or receive the messages.

Advantages of the App

We can send the messages and media files through this app.
 If the end-to-end encryption is available, we can send private messages which let only the recipient to read.

If we want any group discussion, we can use live chat rooms.

Through this app we can able to see the most popular message in public conversation of Firechat.

We can use the common and private chatrooms in online as well as offline.

While using this kind of communication the device should be located within 200 feet.

App connection way for communication

The sender and receiver should install the app Fire chat in their Smartphone

This app can send any document, image or media file without the use of internet router or network.

The best advantage of this app is ,if a certain crowd in a area use the app more and more, the connectivity of the app will increase.

In this app we can make chat room to communicate several members at once.

How the App functioning?

After installing this app we can transfer the files to other devices. The person nearest to us can chat with us and that person can chat with his nearest person. Like this we can communicate with one another in a network method to long distances. This app can use to communicate the messages, media files and such other files with two or more devices upto 200 feet from one another.

We already know about the Bluetooth communicationmethod. But it is a slow way for file transferring. Firechat is a better app compared with Bluetooth transferring.

When will we use this app?

We can use this app where there is no network connection or protests area. As well as we can use this app while the network was jammed.

We can download this app from the below

Ramadan 2017 App

We really happy to introduce this app Ramadan 2017 to the users.By using this app we can follow our daily prayers properly.This app contain 2017 Ramadan calendar,prayer times,Qibla compass,Asma Al Husna,Duas and sahr ifthaar timings.
Surely it is very useful to all Muslims.Muslims consider Ramadan is the holy month because the holy Quran was revealed in this month.

Muslims keep their fasting 29 or 30 days in the month.As well as they believed as the fasting in the month of Ramadan is the third pillar of Islam.

By using this app the users can easily know the sahr or ifthaar time that means the start and end time of fasting.
This app shows the sahar or ifthaar time in table format. This app can automatically identity the location of the place and show place name and Ramadan timings based on the location. It contains the database of 250 countries.This app can use offline also.


It shows the 5 muslim prayer times. We can set alarm tone for every salaat.


We can able to read the 144 chapters. We can able to hear the qirath also.

We can find the direction of the Makka from any part of the world.It is also an offline use.


The 99 names contain with English meanings. We can hear the mp3 audio sound for each and every names. This app shows the todays date in western and islamic format.

We can hear the Ramadan duas. Like that the dua contains English meanings.
At first we want to select different namaz time calculation methods in the setting screen because the prayer direction and timings may vary from different parts of the world.

Ramadan Times and Calendar:
- App shows daily Sehri/Iftar time to start and end fasting.
- Set Sehri and Iftar time alarm.
- App shows whole months suhoor and Iftar time in table format.
- All suhoor/Iftar Ramadan 2018 time Table.
- Auto identify the location of the place and show place name and ramzan 2018 timing according to that.
- Add location manually with a 250+ country database. So App can be use ramadan companion without internet too.

Prayer Time (Salat Times):
- Shows Five Muslim Prayer Times: Fajr,Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Sunset, Maghrib and Isha.
- Set Particular Waktu Salat Alarm with azan.
- Set favorite Alarm ringtone for Namaz.
- 7 Different Calculation Method, Asar Method Hanfi/Shafi and Coordinated Universal time.
- Next/ Previous Day Waktu Solat can be seen.

An easy recovery app for android to restore deleted files

Dear friends! sometime we may miss our important as well as our precious photos, videos or any other important files due to virus attack, fun of children or any other reason. It will be a great burden for us to recover the files.

                Don't worry! From now onwards we have a best application to recover the files. The application Disk Digger is one of the best app for android.
If we search in Google play store we can get several apps about photo, video files recovery. But they all are not perfect in their work. Meanwhile Disk Digger is the best and excellent files recovery app for android. We can use this app for both rooted and non-rooted devices. This app will scan limitedly while the phone is non -rooted. This app will scan clearly and deeply while the phone is rooted. Like that this app can recover deleted videos when the phone is rooted.
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Method to recover deleted files

At first, download the Disk Digger app to your phone from google play store

       After the completion of installation start the app in your phone

Then after we have to choose the file want to recover and click on scan. It will take a few seconds to scan.

You can upload your recovered files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them via email. The app also allows you to save the files to a different local folder on your device.
* If your device is not rooted, the app will perform a "limited" scan for your deleted photos by searching your cache and thumbnails.
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* If your device is rooted, the app will search all of your device's memory for any trace of photos, as well as videos!

By this method we can recover the missed photos and videos from our internal or external memory The recovered files can upload to Google drive,drop box, or we can send through e mail.Otherwise we can can save the recovered files in a different folder directly from the application.
For the recovering of deleted files this app is preferable for the rooted rooted device.

An interesting idea to make a fun call with unknown number

Do you like to make your Number as unknown number or you would like to make a fun with your friend?

Yes! Sure! We have some ideas.

By this method, the incoming call is mentioned with a pre fixed number as the caller ID.

To make this type of fun call with our friends we have to install any of these fake caller ID software in our telephone and make some little bit of changes in the settings.Then after we will wait to call in the particular time with duplicate caller ID.
This type of apps are very useful to avoid some unwanted invites and make a fun with our friends.
If we search for these kind of apps, we can get many more apps.Meanwhile they all are not well structured. Like that some apps don't have the particular time for incoming calls and the limited dialer layouts only possible.
Shall we legally agree this type of cheating?

According  the Legality, if we playing with our friends for fun is permissible.But this kind of cheat may hurt others is not allowed.Definitely We can clearly say its a spoofing.

Method to call any one from unknown number:
At first we will install the ID changer app in our smart phone.
Then the second step is start the app and setup both the dialler and receivers numbers. We have to enter the both country codes compulsory.After the completion of setup,press the dial button and wait to hear the ring tone.Then the receiver will get the call from the dialler . The receiver can see the special number which was already entered  by the dialler.

We have an opportunity to download this ID changer app for your android smart phone from here

After the completion of installation we may get trial points to make calls and we can call our own number or our friends number with this app.

Surely it will be a fun to somebodies and it will be a useful thing to somebodies from their unavoidable situations.

An easy way to edit photos with a simple app

Nowadays we have  many opportunities to take photos. Because most of us are using camera mobiles. We like very much to take photos.As well as the photo editing also an entertain.

Today we all are have very interest to use social medias like  Facebook, Whatsapp. While updating the photos most of us like to post the photos clearly and beautifully. We already know about the usage of Photoshop.
If we see any unwanted image while taking photo, we can use this app to remove the unwanted image. Most of the peoples are using photoshop to remove the unwanted image or edit the photos. Really it is an excellent experience to remove few things from our photos and make it look awesome. The Photoshop app may take half an hour to edit an image. But in case of this app named Touch Retouch  we can edit the image with few seconds. It was really an exclusive app to remove the unwanted things from a photo with very few clicks.

This is a paid application available on google play store and app store for our android and iPhone.
Now let's have a glance on how to handle this application to remove anything from your photo.

How to remove unnecessary object or an image from a photo

At First download this app from Google play store or app store to our android phone.

After the completion of the installation process, start this app in our phone. Then upload a photo from the Gallery of the device.
Then, From bottom of the app you have to click on the brush icon and colour the object which we want to remove from the photo.

Then we can see a start button in the bottom of this app and click it. Now the object will remove from the photo. Then we will save the photo to the gallery or we can share it directly with our friends via email, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter or Bluetooth.

We can download this app from below link to our android or iPhone.

The above mentioned steps are the easy steps to remove or erase the unwanted object from a photo. This app is very easy to handle without any technical knowledge.

Awesome Together App

Would you like to surprise your partner on his/her birthday (or) anniversary? Then, here is an application which is used to remember important dates. In this modern world, we are in a very busy schedule which makes us to forget our beloved’s birthday or anniversary.
                By using this app, you can remind yourself about future events. Mobile device with this Together application acts as a personal assistant to you. How long you have been happy with your partner can be calculated.
v  If you want to impress your love then you have to install this app and find out how many days you have been happy with your love. You can share that count with your partner and they will surely get impressed.
v  Is it very hard to remember special occasions? No worry guys, this application will makes a reminder and works as a personal assistant for you.
v  It is an excellent application which makes you more romantic day by day.
v  You can customize your cover photo using this app.
v  Whenever you switch on your mobile it automatically displays the number of days you have been happy with your love. On seeing this, your love for your partner will get increased as the numbers in the counter increases.

·         It automatically calculates and displays how long you have been happy with your partner using a counter.
·         Couple profile can be set by you.
·         You customize it with choosing desired profile photo.
·         Users get the notification before every anniversary or birthdays.
·         Can check your progress.
·         Customizing the application is very easy and it is handy to use.
·         Customize cover photos based on user’s wish.
·         Easy to remember important dates.
·         Birthdays. Anniversaries, or any other special occasions can be saved.

·         By checking on the Permanent notification option, notification is displayed.
·         Users can also have an option to remind birthdays or anniversaries 1 day before/ 2 days before/ 1 week before and so on.
Do you know who created this lovable app?  It was designed by Svetlin Tanyi. He made this app on their 1st anniversary to impress his partner. By using this app, our love for our beloved gets increased. So guys, “Feel your Love” and express it to your lover in an impressive manner. It makes his/her to be with you forever. You can write your feedback or comments on

Download been love memory love day counter

Been Love Memory App was developed by BLM studio. It is the Number 1 Application in counting the love days on your smart phone. Over 2 million people downloaded this application.
    It answers the questions such as “How long you have been together? “  365 days or 730 days or even longer? There are many exciting features such as decorate your anniversary, couple tracker love days, share it on fb, group chat and so on.
Features of Been Love Memory:
First download and install this app from Google play store. There are several features available. Some of them are:
  • Been Love Memory can save your anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions on your smart phone. Snow fall effect is very nice. It has more stylish fonts.
  • You can also select your anniversary or special occasion photos and keep it as your wall paper.
  • Store love story anniversaries, Christmas, new year …been together with your love.
  • As soon as the application is opened. It asks for the user to change the nickname1 and nickname 2 and you can change the date. Now it automatically calculates the number of days you have been together.
  • You can also edit photos in your profile and can shape avatar too. Eg.changing avatar shape from circle to hexagon.
  • Users can create a chat group online.
  • Notifications are automatically displayed if it is turned on in the settings.
  • Password lock feature is available for security purpose.
  • You can set lock screen wall paper, which automatically displayed on your mobile device after it is turned on.
  • Users can change the wall paper, shape the avatar, change the font style, theme color, text color.
  • More than 20 custom theme colors are available.
  • Love counter days gets automatically updated and it gets displayed in the notification bar.
  • Anniversary photo album slide show can be displayed.
  • You can Set background wall paper from gallery.
  • Display D-Day love count short cut icon app.
  • There is a private and secure way for couples to store and share their memories, location information, battery level information of your partner.
  • Love clock can be displayed and it provides a detailed description of counter you been with your love. That is, it displays years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, second.
  • You can also invite friends.
  • Share your memories to your friends through Facebook login.
  • Save those in SD Card.
  • There is an option to remove unwanted advertisements.
  • Users can give their ratings.
  • This application supports multiple languages such as English, Turkish and Vietnamese.

So friends, make use of this lovable application and impress your love. They will always be with you….