An interesting idea to make a fun call with unknown number

Do you like to make your Number as unknown number or you would like to make a fun with your friend?

Yes! Sure! We have some ideas.

By this method, the incoming call is mentioned with a pre fixed number as the caller ID.

To make this type of fun call with our friends we have to install any of these fake caller ID software in our telephone and make some little bit of changes in the settings.Then after we will wait to call in the particular time with duplicate caller ID.
This type of apps are very useful to avoid some unwanted invites and make a fun with our friends.
If we search for these kind of apps, we can get many more apps.Meanwhile they all are not well structured. Like that some apps don't have the particular time for incoming calls and the limited dialer layouts only possible.
Shall we legally agree this type of cheating?

According  the Legality, if we playing with our friends for fun is permissible.But this kind of cheat may hurt others is not allowed.Definitely We can clearly say its a spoofing.

Method to call any one from unknown number:
At first we will install the ID changer app in our smart phone.
Then the second step is start the app and setup both the dialler and receivers numbers. We have to enter the both country codes compulsory.After the completion of setup,press the dial button and wait to hear the ring tone.Then the receiver will get the call from the dialler . The receiver can see the special number which was already entered  by the dialler.

We have an opportunity to download this ID changer app for your android smart phone from here

After the completion of installation we may get trial points to make calls and we can call our own number or our friends number with this app.

Surely it will be a fun to somebodies and it will be a useful thing to somebodies from their unavoidable situations.