Best Photo Editor App for Android

Nowadays, editing a photo/ image is very easy. There are several applications for editing photos, but this app helps us to edit photos in a quick and easy way without any confusion. It provides various tools for editing purpose which makes you photos look beautiful.  
Key Features:
  1. Photo editor by Aviary can be downloaded and installed from Google play store. After this process, you can open it and take a new photo using camera option or select an image from gallery for editing.
  2. Just tap once on your photo that you want to edit. Then it automatically displays various editing tools such as Enhance, Effects, Frames, Stickers, Orientation, Overlays, Crop, Adjust, Sharpness, Focus, vignette, Transform, Splash, Draw, Text, meme, Belmish, Blur, Red eye, and whiten.
  • You can crop photo to your desired level using Crop option.
  • Enhance tool makes the photo to be displayed in high definition mode, scenery mode, night mode, etc.,
  • Effects tool is used for adding effects such as cruz, metropolis, sage and so on.,to your photo which makes your photos look more gorgeous.
  • If you want to add frame, then you have to install free pack of frames. Then you can fix those frames on to your photos.
  • Similarly, you will be asked to install free stickers pack. Once the installation process is over, you can apply those stickers to your photo.
  • Adjustment is an excellent tool, which helps you to adjust brightness, contrast, exposure, warmth, saturation, fade, etc., it helps the users in managing color temperature of your photo.
  • This sharpens the image which you have decided for editing.
  • Focusing a photo can be done in Radial and linear ways.
  • Transform and orientation tools help in the transforming process.
  • You can rotate left/right, flip horizontal/ vertical or you can straighten your photo.
  • By using the splash effect, you can alter the color of your image to gray scale or to your desired colors.
  • You can create a meme on your photo.
  • Create your own drawing is also possible.
  • Blur effect helps to highlight your photo.
  • Belmish , Red eye can be removed and whitening teeth are also applicable on your selected photo.
  • Users can add text to your photo. This tool allows the users to customize font style, size, and color.
  1. The above all tools are very easy to use and it makes your photo looks very beautiful.
  2. After your editing work is over. You can save this to gallery.
  3. Sharing of the edited photo directly to whatsapp/ facebook etc.,  from this app is also possible.
  4. Users of this application yield with a high resolution output image and they can purchase 12 effects for free.

For queries you can send an E-Mail to
So come on Friends, let us all edit our photos by just making a single tap on it and that makes your photos look more gorgeous.