The Miracle Of Tamil Trending Memes App

This is an excellent application which is useful for meme creators. Generally, Memes is nothing but an image/ video/ piece of text etc., typically humorous in nature. They are copied and spread rapidly by internet users. Most important thing to be noted is the internet connection. Users of this application should have 3G/4G network connection.

                Nowadays, memes are created for each and everything that happens in our society. These kinds of messages are virally spread with the help of social media such as whatsapp/ facebook/ twitter etc. By using this app, you can create a new meme or forward the latest trending meme which are all from Tamil movies.  
Get started with this app:
                You can download and install this app from Google play store. On opening this app, it consists of two important tabs:
1)      Trending :
Under this tab, it displays the latest trending memes with the images of Tamil movies which are already created by various users. These memes can be shared directly from the app to our friends using facebook or whatsapp or twitter etc. / you can download and save this meme.
2)      Templates:
This tab consists of 5 categories with different templates for creating a new meme. The 5 categories are:Tamil movie images based on 5 actors (vadivelu, santhanam, Goundamani & Senthil, vivek, and others). You can select your desired option and then choose an image.               
After choosing the image, you can create it as new meme/ share/ download & save. For creating a new meme, users have to choose create meme option and it automatically prompts for 3 buttons such as
                “ Add text” , it is used for writing any comments regarding the image displayed in the template. You can change the size, style, background, outline of the entered text. Now you can place the text where ever you want to place it inside the image. Then you can save that to gallery/ directly share to your friends/ family by using social media.
                “Logo”, it is an option for displaying any image. Image can be chosen from gallery.
                “Save”, is used for saving the created meme. It can be forwarded to your friends later.
·         Free Tamil movie templates which are exclusively designed for meme creators.
·         Free Tamil movie memes are available as it is ready to share with your friends in the trending section. It is very easy to use.
·         Trending memes are daily uploaded from facebook/ twitter etc.
·         New Tamil movie memes are daily uploaded from Facebook/ twitter etc.
·         If there are new memes are uploaded in your app, then notifications will be displayed.
·         There are no watermarks available in the templates, which is easy for creating new memes.
·         New memes can also be created with the images on your gallery.
·         Meme creators can customize their text by changing their desired color/ font style/ size/ background etc. while creating a new meme.
·         When you are in online, then Loading Tamil movie memes and templates in this application works faster.

By using this application, you can create various humorous memes for entertainment purpose but not for hurting others.