How to communicate through messages without network connection or Wi-Fi

We happily introduce an excellent communicate application for android and iPhone named Firechat. We can use this app without any kind of network connectivity.

We can use this application  when we face critical situations like there is no network connectivity such as mobile data or Wi-Fi. Firechat app is developed by American developers with  "mesh networking" technology. We can use this technology in our smartphones without network connectivity.

If all the network was jammed or if the networks was stuck in a place, we can use Firechat app to send or receive the messages.

Advantages of the App

We can send the messages and media files through this app.
 If the end-to-end encryption is available, we can send private messages which let only the recipient to read.

If we want any group discussion, we can use live chat rooms.

Through this app we can able to see the most popular message in public conversation of Firechat.

We can use the common and private chatrooms in online as well as offline.

While using this kind of communication the device should be located within 200 feet.

App connection way for communication

The sender and receiver should install the app Fire chat in their Smartphone

This app can send any document, image or media file without the use of internet router or network.

The best advantage of this app is ,if a certain crowd in a area use the app more and more, the connectivity of the app will increase.

In this app we can make chat room to communicate several members at once.

How the App functioning?

After installing this app we can transfer the files to other devices. The person nearest to us can chat with us and that person can chat with his nearest person. Like this we can communicate with one another in a network method to long distances. This app can use to communicate the messages, media files and such other files with two or more devices upto 200 feet from one another.

We already know about the Bluetooth communicationmethod. But it is a slow way for file transferring. Firechat is a better app compared with Bluetooth transferring.

When will we use this app?

We can use this app where there is no network connection or protests area. As well as we can use this app while the network was jammed.

We can download this app from the below