Awesome Together App

Would you like to surprise your partner on his/her birthday (or) anniversary? Then, here is an application which is used to remember important dates. In this modern world, we are in a very busy schedule which makes us to forget our beloved’s birthday or anniversary.
                By using this app, you can remind yourself about future events. Mobile device with this Together application acts as a personal assistant to you. How long you have been happy with your partner can be calculated.
v  If you want to impress your love then you have to install this app and find out how many days you have been happy with your love. You can share that count with your partner and they will surely get impressed.
v  Is it very hard to remember special occasions? No worry guys, this application will makes a reminder and works as a personal assistant for you.
v  It is an excellent application which makes you more romantic day by day.
v  You can customize your cover photo using this app.
v  Whenever you switch on your mobile it automatically displays the number of days you have been happy with your love. On seeing this, your love for your partner will get increased as the numbers in the counter increases.

·         It automatically calculates and displays how long you have been happy with your partner using a counter.
·         Couple profile can be set by you.
·         You customize it with choosing desired profile photo.
·         Users get the notification before every anniversary or birthdays.
·         Can check your progress.
·         Customizing the application is very easy and it is handy to use.
·         Customize cover photos based on user’s wish.
·         Easy to remember important dates.
·         Birthdays. Anniversaries, or any other special occasions can be saved.

·         By checking on the Permanent notification option, notification is displayed.
·         Users can also have an option to remind birthdays or anniversaries 1 day before/ 2 days before/ 1 week before and so on.
Do you know who created this lovable app?  It was designed by Svetlin Tanyi. He made this app on their 1st anniversary to impress his partner. By using this app, our love for our beloved gets increased. So guys, “Feel your Love” and express it to your lover in an impressive manner. It makes his/her to be with you forever. You can write your feedback or comments on